What is Rental Ratings?


Rental Ratings.

The Rental Ratings App is a free-flowing design with amazing thought out logic, the idea was to make a complicated task look simple. This App has been built for both types of users’ experience in mind, tenants, and managers/owners.


Renters seeking potential properties can search for specific buildings that they are interested in, simply by using the main app map search function or scroll through cards from left to right. This card like scroll will show the buildings in the proximity of their location, as the user scrolls the location will get further out from their pin.


Managers/owners can find their buildings, update specific information, and respond to tenants in real-time. By being able to offer this service in real-time it keeps them in touch with their end customer. Owners/managers at times don’t have an opportunity to share their side of the story and or to make things right. This App will allow transparency and really show that they are trying to deliver an amazing service.

Download the app and start reviewing now!

The Rental Ratings Team.